Friday, December 13, 2013

Monitoring MySQL in the 21st Century

In todays computing environments, the use of cloud based technologies--both public and private--along with various popular devops automation tools, are essential to effective and efficient IT operations.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM) 3 integrates very well into these modern operations environments. To demonstrate that point, I've created two short video demos that walk you through some helpful examples.

The first one walks through how you can monitor MySQL instances in the public cloud, using Amazon RDS as an example provider:

The second one walks through some examples of how you can integrate MEM 3 with your private cloud and devops automation tools:

You can find additional video demos, and more information about MEM 3 here.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is just one part of what you get with a MySQL Enterprise subscription. You can find more information on the MySQL Enterprise subscriptions, and all that it includes, here.