Monday, June 24, 2013

Improving two-way communication.

You spoke:

And we listened:

Now you can quickly and easily note that a bug or feature request affects you.

When you subsequently view the report, you will see that status indicated.

We highly value user input here at MySQL, and we wish to foster a vibrant environment of healthy two-way communication between our users and the internal teams. This is simply an initial move toward that bigger goal.

Our community of users and customers have always helped to drive the direction of MySQL, so we encourage you to continue to provide us with your feedback. I'm happy to announce that now, that's gotten just a little bit easier.

As always, thank you!


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  2. Is not this a bit ironic : "You" (Oracle employee,,Shane) spoke , and we (Oracle employee, Matt) listened. This makes an illusion of 2 way communication;)

    It isof no value to me to have option for "mee too", unless I know how many others voted for this bug, too. How do I find out many people already have voted for How popular is that bug, 1 day after filing it?

  3. Wlad: It's not ironic. The indicators that we did have available showed a high level of interest in such a feature.

    The purpose of this new feature is to allow users to provide a more direct indicator of their individual interest in a bug fix or feature request. I don't know what "how many others voted too" has to do with whether or not something affects you. Either it affects you, or it doesn't.

    As with anything, if you don't find it useful, then you need not use it.

    Best Regards

  4. Hey Matt,

    This is cool, and I'm going to agree with wlad on one point: I'd love to see how many others have voted on it.


    1. bounties - maybe if n-number of people want it fixed, one can implement a bounty system (so even non-oracle engineers can fix)
    2. percona/mariadb might decide to fix it it
    3. low hanging fruit, might be great for something like summer of code